Course Guide

The Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills (HF/NTS) training program aims to support operators in providing theoretical human factors (HF) and non-technical skills (NTS) training. This is achieved through tailored selection of online modular courses that promote a risk-based program which can then be delivered in accordance with the operator’s self-determined training needs. Visit our Course List page to view available modules, and our course package pricing can be found HERE.

Please watch the video below for an introduction to the HF/NTS training program and our course developer and human factors trainer, Stephanie Workman.

The following flow chart provides an example of the process that can be used to develop a human factors and non-technical skills training program. Further support in course development will be provided using a manual (Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills Training Manual) that is designed to complement the operator’s other established policies and procedures.

The intent of the course is to ensure that HF/NTS training is relevant, appropriate, and risk-based, and can be adjusted and adapted to grow with the operation.