Our Mission and Vision


The Aviation Safety Community (ASC) has been developed to provide all members of the aviation community with a forum for developing their knowledge and application of aviation safety management practices. The Aviation Safety Community will achieve this goal through the development and provision of Safety Leadership forums, online Safety Training and aviation focused Safety Research.

The Aviation Safety Community started operating in August 2018 with the introduction of free safety leadership forums. These forums will continue to be free and will soon be available as Webinars. The online training package is close to completion and will be available to all Aviation Safety Community subscribers.

The Aviation Safety Community promotes the four pillars of safety management – Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Training. We want to address the safety needs of the aviation industry and without a doubt these needs will change with time, we are always interested in what you want to hear about, please let us know through the contact page.


Safe aviation outcomes through knowledge.


To facilitate and foster continuous improve in aviation safety through the application of knowledge, training and leadership.


The Aviation Safety Community is founded on three guiding principles:

- Safety Leadership

- Safety Training

- Safety Research


Promote the latest developments in safety management to the aviation industry through forums and workshops that are open to all organisations and their employees.


Provide online training in safety principles that support and enhance safety practices and capabilities of the aviation industry.


Work with all sectors of the aviation industry to improve safety outcomes through the development of practical solutions derived from research into the interactions between people, technology, equipment, environment and processes.